Want to distrubute Internet Services in your area?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

IAXN aims to connect every home to internet, we at IAXN aim to reduce digital divide in India.

IAXN can provide connectivity anywhere in India through its Class A - ISP Partner.

What we offer?

Bulk Bandwidth - Point to Point (P2P) 

IAXN provides bulk bandwidth through P2P connectivity from our centeralized NOC (netwrok Operation Center) to the PoP (Point Presence) nearest to you.

Bulk Bandwidth - Direct Drop (DD) 

IAXN provides bulk bandwidth directly at (Point Presence) the nearest to you. This is also known as as direct drop.

Peering - Content Providers

IAXN telecom has servers of various content providers, we may provide peering with various content providers i.e. Google, Hot Star, HTTP Content etc.

Bulk Bandwidth - Airtel, TCL (TATA Communication Limited), Vodafone

IAXN telecom uses bandwidth of top Telecom Companies i.e. Airtel, TCL, Vodafone. We have MUX of all of these companies and we can get the delivery of any of these telecom companies.

Why Choose IAXN?

Experienced and Reliabile

We have team of engineers those who have experience of more than 15 years. We at IAXN have seen all the dyanmics of telecom sectors, we are in this business since year 2000 (as AXN Telecom).

We used to provide bandwidth trough CAT5/CAT6 then we swicthed to wireless 2.4 Ghz band then to 5.8 Ghz band then to Optical Fiber -EPON then Optical Fiber GEPON.

At IAXN we are are aware all the technical know how. We understand the importance of internet connectivity ans that is why are very prompt in resolving any kind of issue faced by our franchisee.  

24*7 Dedicated Support

Try us by calling at 88-00-059-059 any time and check how prompt our ISP care executives are.

Our senior technician are avaible at any time. We three levels of escalation matrix. Last email id of our CTO is there, so that our senior management team is always aware what is status of any ticket generated.

Most Economic ( Lowest Price in the Industry)

Our technical innovation helps us provide the bandiwdth at the most reasonable price.

We are cheap in price and best in services. As mentioned above IAXN aims to reduce the digital divide in India, we want to connect each and every home to internet.

Free Services

We do not charge for anything which does not cost us. We provide following free services

1. Free Bandwidth Management Software

2. Free Training to your staff

3. Free network consultancy


Price Matrix

Bandwidth Price -INR (Per Mbps Per Month)
45 Mbps 500 (Negotiable)
45 Mbps - 1 STM 450(Negotiable)
1 STM - 2 STM 400(Negotiable)
>2 STM 350(Negotiable)

Above rates are standard rates (these may vary area wise), please contact us to know more.

Contact Us

Call: +91-99100-98676

Email: - isp@iaxntelecom.com